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What is All Involved in Running a Crypto trading platform?

Exchange platforms serve as platforms that allow its users to purchase, exchange or sell cryptocurrencies for other traditional currencies such as pounds, Euros, or dollars. Professional traders would require access to a host of trading tools. To help them accomplish this they need an exchange, requiring them to verify their ID. Some platforms allow a […]

The Answer to the Most Asked Bitcoin Related Question

No doubt, cryptocurrency, and newly created exchanges are a hot topic right now. Having said that, there are still many individuals who do not know when, how, or where to get hold of it. What is the first thing you’ll hear people say when they hear people say where they get their money from? They […]

Five Things Your Exchanges Will Tell You About Crypto

Have you thought about getting into the crypto hype, but you are not entirely sure what it actually means or how to get hold of your own Bitcoin. Time to read what a prominent Crypto exchange has to say about this. Just, during 2017, the Internet was abuzz regarding cryptocurrency once they realized how much […]

Corona Project Manager. Like enjoying a beer or two with other crypto owners? We sure do as well. So, that’s why we’re starting the blog back and will be talking about the new upcoming events. Pop a beer or two and enjoy reading as the content flows in. In the meanwhile, stay tuned as in […]